3D personal printing

About KopieYou

Kopieyou is specialised in the combination of scanning and full- colour printing. Both companies and private persons  belong to the target group. Kopieyou uses the Artec Eva 3D Scanner and the ProJet x660 Full-colour 3D Printer, the newest advanced Powder-3D-Printer. With the help of this printer, it is possible to quickly see  if your design looks like you had expected. Moreover, you could evaluate  if your design is as functional as you had expected. This printer uses the patented ColorJet Printing Technology. This means, that the printer uses lifelike colours. The building volume of the printer is 253 x 381 x 203 millimetres. KopieYou can print larger objects, because gluing seamlessly is an option.


Do you have a shortage in your own printing capacity? Kopieyou can support you 24/7. We are also able to produce objects in SLS. 


Kopieyou makes memories tangible, on scale and in life like colours. We can print life like sculptures, after we have made a scan of the beloved one.