3D personal printing

Private persons

A tangible recollection of a beloved happening.


Kopieyou is specialist in the combination of scanning and printing of personal, beloved objects: people and items. We make a tangible recollection of a happy, or maybe a sad, moment, on scale and in life like colours. You could think about a 3D-birth announcement or a 3D-devotional picture. Besides of this, you could also think about that particular piece of art in your family.


“Something precious… remains something tangible”

“A picture is very beautiful… a sculpture has something extra.”

“The grandparents could take the sculptures of their grandchildren with them on a journey”



Kopieyou is specialized  in  personal scans and  has the knowledge and the ability to scan existing, precious objects (people and items) and to print these scans in a 3D, tangible model. There are several 3D-Scanning-Technics. Kopieyou uses the Artec EVA scanner. This scanner causes no damages to the eyes, in other words: it is an eye-safe technology. The Artec EVA scanner allows us to scan hardly all type of objects: we walk around the person or the object with the scanner in our hand. It is like  filming you. The scan is made, by appointment,  in about thirty minutes. The 3D-Scanning-Applications are seemingly endless. You should watch the movie ‘Lekker Leuk Leven’. 



Kopieyou makes very advanced Full-Colour (almost 400.000 colours!) 3D-Models of the scans we make or of the files you deliver.  The printer is a powder printer. The print, which is coming out of the printer, is already fully coloured. We treat the 3D- print so  that the colours become more vivid and that the 3D- print becomes as hard as ceramic. Kopieyou produces models in the original size, in the original colours with a maximum building volume of 25 x 38 x 20 centimetres.  It is possible to print larger objects too, by means of seamlessly gluing partial prints. All of this can be done for a good price. Please check our Portfolio, so that you could see what the possibilities are.


Indication of Price

Most of the time, the wishes of our clients are very specific and personal. That is why we cannot mention a fixed pricing. The price depends  on the difficulty of the scan and the size of the object and the print. Keeping these  points in mind, we can make you an offer. Prices are comparable with the expertise in the world of the photography. However, keep in mind that we are working with  3D- technology. When you want to discuss your wishes, please fill in our contact form or give us a call.