3D personal printing



Kopieyou  has chosen for the 3D Artec Eva Scanner. This Scanner is a very accurate 3D-Hand-Scanner, which looks like a video camera. The scanner records 16 frames a second and every frame is a 3D-image. The Artec Eva scans ten times faster as a normal laser scanner. Moreover, the Artec Eva offers  high resolution (till 0,5mm) and  high accuracy (till 0,1mm). The scanner records colour information  at 24 bits per pixel (bpp) with a resolution of 1,3 megapixels (MP). The output formats are OBJ, PTX, STL, WRML, ASCII, AOP, CSV, PLY.







Kopieyou uses the 660-Pro-Printer, the top-of-the-line-model of ProJet x60 series Full-Colour-3D-Printers. The Pro-Models can print 90% of all the Adobe® Photoshop  colours: Full- and pastel colours. The 660-Pro-Full-Colour-3D-Printer builds 3D products, with a coating thickness of 0,1mm and with a maximum speed of 25 mm/hour. The building volume is 25 x 38 x 20 centimetres, but by means of combinations and gluing seamlessly, it is possible to print larger objects too.   We are able to produce objects in SLS as well.

You can provide your 3D CAD file in a .STL, . VRML, .PLY, .3DS, .FBX or .ZPR file. With help of our printer, it is possible for you to quickly see if your design looks like you had expected. Moreover, you could verify if your design is as functional as you had expected. The 3D-printing-technology can be applied in many situations: both prototypes of technical products or scale models.


Extra capacity to print

Do you have a shortage in your own printing capacity? Kopieyou can support you 24/7. Thus, when you have to print more than your machineries can cope with, Kopieyou can support your company 24/7.


Guidance Product

Besides printing with our powder printer and/or scanning with our Artec EVA scanner, Kopieyou can also guide you in the production of your scan- or draw design to other materials (like aluminium or plastic).